About Us

My name is James Bradshaw, I have lived in Southern Nevada all of my life.  All of my free time has been spent in the outdoors, from prospecting with my grandfather all over Lincoln County, to hunting mule deer and elk with my father and now my son.  For the past decade I have been pursuing my new passion: Desert Bighorn Sheep.  The pursuit of these majestic animals, either through photography, building guzzlers for water sources, or leading hunters to the opportunity of taking a once in a lifetime trophy, has captured my passion.

My love for the wildlife found in Nevada is unmatched.  I actively participate in conservation efforts to ensure the sustainability of our herd numbers so that my children, and their children will also have the amazing opportunities that have been made available to me in this beautiful state.

During the off season I actively participate in Marathon and Ultra Marathon races.  My highest achievement in the ultra running world was completing a 100 mile running race in under 24 hours.  Staying in top physical shape to provide my hunters the opportunity to pursue any animal that we turn up is a goal that is pursued year round.  No matter the mountain or obstacle I will have the ability to get YOU there.

I have been married to my wife for 13 years and we are raising two children, one boy and one girl, here in Las Vegas.  Our children regularly accompany me for scouting trips and trail camera checking.